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The Best Study Bibles: 7 All-Around Great Ones

We love study Bibles and believe that a good all-around study Bible is a great tool for a person to have on hand to help them in their spiritual growth. A study Bible can help…

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Christian Wall Art and Decor: Powerful Words and Images

Christian wall art Christians enjoy putting art and other types of home decor in their homes to express their faith to remind themselves of the love of God. Christian wall art of various kinds can…

Christian gifts for women

Christian Gifts For Women Under $50

Sometimes you need excellent ideas to find that perfect gift – that very meaningful gift for a special lady. It may be for a Godly woman who loves Jesus and displays extra encouragement and faith…

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Best Large Print Bibles – 9 Quality Choices!

Best Large Print Bibles For Today The Bible is the most important book in the world to every person who calls themselves a Christian. Within its pages, you will find principles to guide you in…

best study Bibles for young adults

Best Study Bibles For Young Adults – 7 Great Choices!

As we have promoted many times on this site, we encourage our readers of any age to have a Bible (or Bibles) that they will read and study because God’s word is of ultimate importance…

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Best Study Bibles For Men – 7 Top Quality Choices

Best Study Bibles For Men It seems like Christian publishers come out with more and more study Bibles and devotional Bibles in many translations for moms and women of almost any age. That is really…

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Best Bible For Kids: Putting God’s Word In Their Hearts

When it comes to picking out a Bible for your child, there are a lot of factors to consider. Which translation should you choose? What size Bible is best for kids? And which edition will…

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The New Living Translation Review – Why We Use it.

There are many good Bible translations. We use the New Living Translation for many of our Bible quotes. Why is that? Here are the simple reasons.

Life application study bible review

Life Application Study Bible Review – Delivering Truth

We are fortunate in our Western culture to have som many translations of the Bible. The Life Application Study Bible can be a very helpful resource for a person’s individual or group Bible study.

Best Bible for Beginners

Best Bible For Beginners (Top 4) – And More!

Needing a good bible as a new Christian. Or, just need a bible that you can understand better. Take a look –