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The Best Study Bibles: 7 All-Around Great Ones

We love study Bibles and believe that a good all-around study Bible is a great tool for a person to have on hand to help them in their spiritual growth. A study Bible can help…

I believe. help my unbelief.

I Believe. Help My Unbelief: A Powerful Confession

“I believe. Help my unbelief.” Hey, do you know the Christian person who has such a strong faith in God that they never have any doubt about what God’s word is saying? You know –…

don't talk about Jesus

Just Don’t Talk About Jesus: It’s That Simple…?

“Your truth is your truth. My truth is my truth.” “All religions can lead to heaven. The teaching of Jesus Christ is just one pathway.” “The Bible is one of many ancient religious texts mixed…

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Best Bible Study Software? Our Top 4 Recommendations

“What is the best Bible study software is a question that is relatively new in terms of human history. It’s only a few short decades that consumers have had the option to study the Bible…

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Best Devotionals for Women: Elevate Your Faith with These Top 18

Women’s devotional writings are very popular with Christian women and there are some great reasons why. There is a great desire in Christian ladies to have quality daily devotional time. Life’s demands for the Christian…

let go and let God

“Letting Go and Letting God: A Bad Idea or a Source of Strength?”

Letting Go and Letting God When I was young there was a song that was popular in certain circles of Christian music. the words were “Let go and let God have His wonderful way.” It’s…