Living, Praying, and Loving God exists to promote a life of grace, freedom, and prayer regardless of life's circumstances. It is our hope that we can encourage you with prayers or answer common questions about God and the Christian Faith.

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does Jesus care depressed man

Does Jesus Care? The Powerful Reality For Loss, Depression, Anxiety

Does Jesus Care About Our Struggles…Really? Only the muffled weeping breaks through the sounds of the silence as they stand beside their loved one waiting for the moment when the mom, the grandmother, the wife……

A Christian Worldview: The Role of Genesis 1-11 in Christian Faith

It’s important to have a personal worldview. To me, the Christian worldview is fundamentally easier to accept than because we have a fundamentally sound set of documents on which we base our faith.


Defending the Christian Faith: The Pursuit of Certainty in a Skeptical World

Defending The Christian Faith – As Christians, we actually believe that we have solid answers to this life’s most important questions – but are we giving those answers?

I believe. help my unbelief.

I Believe. Help My Unbelief: A Powerful Confession

“I believe. Help my unbelief.” Hey, do you know the Christian person who has such a strong faith in God that they never have any doubt about what God’s word is saying? You know –…

best womens devotional book

Best Devotionals for Women: Elevate Your Faith with These Top 18

Women’s devotional writings are very popular with Christian women and there are some great reasons why. There is a great desire in Christian ladies to have quality daily devotional time. Life’s demands for the Christian…

best bible study tools

Best Bible Study Tools: 10 That Can Help Put God’s Word Into Your Heart

Life can sometimes be hard, and for many, it seems to be increasingly hard in various aspects of our day-to-day experience. People are looking for the truth about life, about happiness, and how to find…

best study Bibles for young adults

Best Study Bibles For Young Adults – 7 Great Choices!

As we have promoted many times on this site, we encourage our readers of any age, beginners or advanced, to have a Bible (or Bibles) that they will read and study because God’s word is…

the reliability of the Bible family

The Reliability of the Bible: Are You Really Sure?

“The more I studied the manuscript tradition of the New Testament, the more I realized how radically the text had been altered over the years at the hands of the scribes… would be wrong…. to…

spiritual blindness

What Is Spiritual Blindness and How Does It Affect Our Culture?

For our purposes, spiritual blindness is a condition where a person can’t see situations, problems, or issues from a viewpoint of a Biblically based spiritual realm. When a person is spiritually blind, they can have…

top Bible Stories for Families

15 Top Bible Stories That Will Captivate You

There are many great Bible stories that have been passed down for generations. These tales are full of adventure, excitement, and drama. They always teach us something important about God and His ways. In this…

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purchasing your next Bible

Purchasing Your Next Bible: The Greatest Book of All!

In order to develop our faith and strengthen our connection with God, we want to have access to a good Bible. The word of God is obviously a huge part of our spiritual practice as…

best study Bibles for beginners

Best Study Bibles For Beginners:Top 6 and More!

Best Study Bibles For Beginners – Begin a Greater Bible Study Journey! Reading, studying, and applying God’s word to our lives are some of the most important priorities for a believer in Christ. If you…

best study Bibles main image

The Best Study Bibles: 7 All-Around Great Ones

We love study Bibles and believe that a good all-around study Bible is a great tool for a person to have on hand to help them in their spiritual growth. A study Bible can help…

don't talk about Jesus

Just Don’t Talk About Jesus: It’s That Simple…?

“Your truth is your truth. My truth is my truth.” “All religions can lead to heaven. The teaching of Jesus Christ is just one pathway.” “The Bible is one of many ancient religious texts mixed…

front best Bible study software is logos

Best Bible Study Software? Our Top 4 Recommendations

“What is the best Bible study software is a question that is relatively new in terms of human history. It’s only a few short decades that consumers have had the option to study the Bible…

let go and let God

“Letting Go and Letting God: A Bad Idea or a Source of Strength?”

Letting Go and Letting God When I was young there was a song that was popular in certain circles of Christian music. the words were “Let go and let God have His wonderful way.” It’s…

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