Hello, and welcome to LivingPraying.com. I’m Brian Sloan and I have been a Christian for most of my life. I completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education focused on music at the University of North Georgia. I also received training at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as well.

I served in full-time Christian ministry serving in 4 churches over a period of 37 years, his last position being a stay of 20 years.

Through those years I served in positions as Youth Minister, Associate Pastor, Pastor of Worship, Media Director, and Adult Ministries Pastor. I also visited patients and helped train other pastors in visiting and encouraging those in hospitals.

Brian Sloan

Due to my interest in education, I was also elected and served for 12 years on a local Board of Education in North GA. The combination of full-time ministry and learning the ins and outs of a high-performing educational system in Gainesville, GA has helped me gain first-hand experience and insights that might encourage others.

Our Family

I began blogging over a decade ago and has done several hobby websites through the years. In 2021 I began to think about starting a new blog and about a topic on which I wanted to write.

Brian and wife, Annette

Although there were many blogs out there that were focused on encouraging Christians in their walk with Christ, I nonetheless kept coming back to the topic. I thought that maybe my journey could be of help to others who might have walked a similar path.

I am particularly sensitive to those who have dealt with illnesses such as heart disease, and those who have experienced depression or anxiety in their lives. I had my first bout of clinical depression when I was 29 years old. I have had to be diligent in fighting it several times since then and understand how anxiety usually goes right along with it.

Although the medical community can be of great help with both physical and mental issues, I believe that a strong relationship with Jesus Christ should be the foundation for our lives.

I write about Christian topics that I see people are searching for on search engines and also on topics just for me that may or may not ever come up in a search engine.

I will write, and allow others to write content on these pages on many topics that we face as we seek the God of the Bible. It’s his desire that the pages of this website would encourage you in your daily lives.

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