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One particular type of prayer that is needed in the lives of so many is the prayer for a job or employment. The situation at hand may be that you have lost your job for one of several reasons or you are currently in an employment situation in which you are discouraged or possibly miserable.

We’re going to encourage you by giving you examples of several prayers you can pray for a work opportunity when you are seeking one, but first – here is a very simple prayer that you can keep on your heart and mind through the day:

God, I ask that you would open up doors for a new job or career for me. You know exactly what my needs are and I ask that you give me guidance in finding the right employment that will provide for my needs. Lord, I trust you with my life and my future. Thank you, God. Amen.”

You may be praying for a new job, praying for a better job, or maybe you’re praying for work of any kind at the moment. Know that the Lord Jesus Christ can be counted on to help and guide you through this time. God bless you and we hope we can help on this page.

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Pray As a Believer

Can God answer your prayer for a new job or career? He surely can! However, even before you say a prayer for a job, God’s first desire is to have a relationship with you that is far greater than answering one prayer. He wants you to believe that He is the God of the universe Who loves you, and has a plan for your life.

We are going to give you some example prayers, that you can pray as your own, or put into your own words. These prayers are just to guide you. If you use the words and thoughts of these prayers you should mean them with your heart.

But, do so as a true believer. Do it as someone who has turned to faith in God. If you are not sure that you have a true Christian relationship with God we encourage you to first pray the prayer of Salvation here. God can work miracles from this point and we know that He can work for you.

As a Christian, you can tell Him that you want what is best for you because He is your Lord!

As Christians, we believe that there is an extraordinary amount of power in the prayers of God’s people. I would encourage you not only to pray for yourself but ask other believers to pray for you as well in this time of seeking a new job.

10 Powerful Prayers For A New Job

Below you will find 10 various prayers that you might find helpful when you need prayers for a job. Remember, take these words into your heart, or use other words that are uniquely yours. These are example prayers that we believe God will honor if you ask Him sincerely, trust Him, and obey Him as your Lord. He loves you more than you can ever imagine! If you need prayer for a job, I hope this page helps!

Prayer For Wisdom While Finding a New Job

Lord, I know that you are in control of my future. Although I may be afraid, anxious, or extremely frustrated about my current situation, I know that you have a plan for my life. God, I know that if I make my decisions about my future in my own power without your guidance, I may truly fail.

But, Lord if I make the decisions as you want me to make them, my life will be a life of fulfillment. So, I am asking you, God, that you give me the type of wisdom that can only come from you.

As I go through my present circumstances and look for opportunities for my future, please give me your wisdom and understanding to make the proper choices now and as I go into the future. Thank you, Lord. I pray this is Jesus’ name.

Prayer For A Job – Peace When Seeking a Job

“Lord, you understand every part of me so I know you understand the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to find a new job or career pathway. If I try to handle this all on my own I have the potential to become so worried that I won’t be able to rest and be fresh to face each day of this journey.

Your word tells us that you can give us a “peace that passes understanding.” So, God, that’s what I’m asking for. I’m asking you to supernaturally work in my life, my heart, and soul, to give me peace through these circumstances – the type of peace that can only come from you. I believe that you can provide me with that peace during this time and I trust that you will give it to me. Thank you, Lord Jesus.”

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Prayer For a Job – Pray For Job Openings

God, I lift my prayer for a job up to You. No one understands my needs so much better than I do. So, Lord, I am humbly asking you to open up opportunities for me to get another job. God, I ask that you put me in the right place at the right time or with the right people in order to find the opportunity you want me to have. Let me learn of any new job openings through any method that you choose.

I ask you to help me make new contacts that I might need or speak to current or former contacts if that’s needed. Lord, please orchestrate any circumstances so that I might find just the right opportunity to find an opening with another company, another industry, or any place of business where you would have me work. Thank you, Lord, and I trust You.

Prayer For a Job When You Have Been Layed Off

Lord, I know I’m not the first one to ever lose a job, but it can be very frightening. Please provide for me financially while I am in this position between jobs. A lot of pain can come with a job loss. I know that regardless of the circumstances of being laid off, it will not help me to be angry and bitter during this time. If my former employer mistreated me or fired me for an unjust cause, I ask thatI be able to somehow find forgiveness in my heart so I can move on with my life without those negative circumstances and memories holding me back.

If, I need to gain interim or temporary work to help ends meet in the meantime until I land the full-time job that you want me to have, then please help me to do that also. Thank you, God, for watching out for me in every area.

Prayer For a Job If You Are Currently Employed

Dear Lord, I thank you that I am not currently unemployed. However, Lord, you know that this is not the employment that I would like to have long-term. You know better than anyone that I am not satisfied and have frustrations about my current job position.

I never want to come across to you as ungrateful for employment, but I do ask that you would help me seek out a new job with much wisdom. Even If I’m not pleased with the situation here, I know that you would want me to seek a new position with the utmost integrity when it comes to dealing with my current employers.

And when I do find a new job that you can provide, I pray for the wisdom to resign from my current position in the kindest and most honorable way possible even if I have been treated unfairly.

Prayer For a Job and For a Career Path

Dear Heavenly Father, I know that you love me and desire the best for me. I honor you as the great and holy God. I trust you that you will provide a job that will provide the income that I need to take care of myself and my family here on this planet.

However, God, I ask that you would point me not only to a job but also one that is fulfilling that I can make a career in – something that I love and something that I can flourish in.

You know my skillsets or my lack of skillsets in certain areas. So, I ask that you will open up the doors that I may begin (or continue) in a career path that I am, or can be trained for, that will be motivational for me, will be to the good of all parties involved, and ultimately be exactlyt what you want. Thank you, God, for loving me.

Prayer For a Job – Your Future Employer (Even if you don’t know who)

Lord, I want to ask for your blessings on my future employer. I pray that you will allow me to work with those who are honest, trustworthy, and people of great character. I pray that not only will this employment be a great blessing for me, but also that I can work and help bless my new employers as well. God, I would really love to work for some great people who will respect me as a person and appreciate the hard work that I will give them.

Lord, I ask you to give me a position that is really helpful to my employers and allow me to demonstrate your kindness and compassion in the workplace so that those around me in my new position will be encouraged as well.

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Prayer For a Job – Opportunity For Job Interviews

Lord, if it’s your will, I pray that you will open up multiple opportunities for me to have job interviews with various people and organizations that might be a possibility for me to have the type of employment that I need.

Strengthen me and help me make any calls and contact people that I know or do not know in order to get job interviews that would be good for me and most especially something that you would want me to have. Please use your mighty power to help set up the situations where I can find and have the opportunities for these interviews.

Prayer for a Job Interview – Be wise and confident

Dear Father, as I go into the job interviews that you help me find, I ask that I will be able to do my very best. I first ask that I will trust you, lean on you, and know that you will give me the words and thoughts that I need to do well in the interview.

God, I ask that you give me clarity of mind in any interviews. Please help me talk confidently and calmly and address any questions that are asked of me with wisdom that can only come from you. Help me show the future employer that I would give my best to be an asset to his team of his employees and that my attitude would be one of positivity and excitement about the future.

Prayer For a Job as Self-Employed/Starting Your Own Business

This can be a hard decision to make. So many people want to be self-employed, to have their own business, and to seek more of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, That is great if God is leading you that way. Pray about these decisions and ask God to show you which way to Go.

Do we ask God to send us a sign or something when we are trying to make these tough decisions? Well, if we walk with Him, pray consistently, and stay in His word, He has ways to communicate His will to us.

Dear Lord, as I call on you in this prayer for a job, I think I have some skills and ideas that I believe you have blessed me with. I am willing to work wherever you want. But, Lord I have a desire for a business in mind where I could work independently providing goods and services for others.

I know this may not be an easy route and I understand that many fail at being self-employed. But, Lord if you will give me the assurance that my dreams of self-employment and my ideas will be blessed by you, then I will pursue this avenue. Working for myself and then potentially being able to provide jobs for others in the future would be a dream for me and I know that, if you so choose, you can make those dreams come true.

Please let me know if the self-employment route is the one that you would like me to take and I will work hard and begin the steps to make it happen. If so, I ask that you would provide me knowledge and wisdom to build my business in the way that it should be done. If this is not the best pathway for me right now, please let me know and I will go in a different direction.

Thank you in advance for taking care of me through all of this, Lord.

Trust God That He Will Come Through

As you look for employment, do your due diligence in finding the type of employment as well as you can, and trust God. Certainly, we encourage you in prayer for a job. All of these prayers are examples of what to say, but there are many things that God may bring to your mind that He wants you to pray for during this time. As you offer prayers for a new job remember that others are in need as well and pray for them as well.

You have the creator of the universe on your side. Does that mean you will get the exact job or kind of job that you want? No, it doesn’t. However, it does mean that you can have peace that you are not alone on your journey to new employment.

Through the ups and downs, whether your emotions are up or down, He will “….never leave you or forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6

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