16 Powerful Prayers For Your Home

  • By: Brian Sloan
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It’s an incredible privilege to lift up prayers for your home.

I remember when we moved from our last home into our current home. Certainly, I prayed over and in the rooms of the brand new house that we had just had built. We were excited and we wanted the blessings and protection of God. The home was larger than our previous home and it would become our home for about 20 years of our church ministry.

Although, as a minister, I knew how to pray for my home and house. And for clarity, sometimes I may use the words interchangeably. Although a house and a home can be technically defined differently, I want to speak to both in this post, so consider this as praying for the physical house and, more importantly, the occupants and what goes on in the lives of the occupants in that home.

prayers for your home black man

We always like to offer what we call our pocket prayers. Those are very short prayers for your home or many other topics. These can be brought to mind at any time during the day when you are away from any prayer journals, your Bible, or any other forms of prayer helps throughout the day. So, although we hope you will go into detail with at least a few of the prayers below, here is one of those prayers for your home you can pray at any time.

Dear Lord, I am thankful for this home that you have allowed us to have. I don’t want to take for granted that I have a home. I would simply ask you to bless each part of it. Please bless and protect each and every room and every person who will use those rooms. I pray that our home and family will set a good example for others for the glory of God. Amen.

Also, when LivingPraying.com offers example prayers, that’s just what they are examples. Use them if they resonate with you and make them yours, praying them with sincerity from your heart. However, you may read the words of prayers for your home on these pages and be sparked onto much better prayers that come from the deepest recesses of your heart.

We just want to help encourage you spiritually. If we can do that by providing you with these prayers, then it makes us happy! First of all, let’s spend just a little time talking about why we would need prayers for our home.

Prayers For Your Home – Are They Necessary?

If you are a child of God, trying your best to live a life in fellowship with Him and honoring Jesus as Lord, does it really matter that much if you pray over your house and home with very much detail?

Well, first of all, let me say that if you are doing what is described above – being in fellowship with God, and honoring Him with your life, are we saying that all of the prayers on this page are absolutely necessary to pray? Absolutely not.

However, I believe that there is great importance of praying prayers for your home because of the implications of a Godly and loving family that you want to thrive there. But, also it is certainly very reasonable to pray over the physical home, specific rooms, and the types of good, wholesome, and Godly activities that you want to see carried out in those rooms.

prayers for your home safe place

When we talk about prayers for your home to be a safe place, we need that phrase to extend well beyond physical safety. Certainly, we want the physical safety of everyone in this home and the structure itself.

However, we want to pray deeper than that. We want every person who lives in this home to feel the freedom to be themselves, the safety to share their lives, their good days, their bad days, their hopes, dreams, and especially their fears and problems. We want them to feel that that home is safe physically, mentally, and spiritually. These are so important that we will divide them into individual prayers, but certainly, you can combine this into one shorter prayer if you like. So let’s start there with this prayer.

Prayers For Your Home To Be a Safe Place Physically

Prayer for Physical Safety

Dear Father, we are so thankful that you have provided us with a home. We understand that it is a great privilege that you have given us. Right now we want to ask for your physical protection for our home. God, we pray that there will be physical safety here and that you would guard us against harm from any person or thing. We ask that this would be a dwelling where there were rarely if ever, physical injuries in this home. Please be our physical protector. We ask that you protect the physical house structure from storms and other conditions that might be destructive or harmful to the house. Please put Your divine protection around our home as much as it is according to your will and plans.

Prayer for Mental Safety

Father, We ask that this home be a home where an atmosphere is built where we can be real with each other, sharing our hearts and lives together without the fear of condemnation. We ask that this would be a place where we knew that we would be loved and accepted as a person. We know that there will be times of disagreement. However, we ask that even if we were to have major disagreements that we would do so in a spirit of love, respect.

When we might debate topics or ideas, let us do so without attacking the worth or character of someone in our home. We pray that it will truly be a place where we know it is safe to share what is going on in our lives without fear that we will be attacked as a person, even if we do disagree about things from time to time. Thank you so much for this blessing. Amen.”

Prayer For Spiritual Safety

Dear Lord, in your word it says, “Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” God, it’s not that we want to be paranoid and look for a demon behind every bush. However, we do know that the enemy of God, Satan, is our enemy as well and that He would love to introduce evil notions, ideas, and disruptions to the spiritual growth of those in our home.

We simply asked that, in the name of Jesus, you stop the enemy, protect us spiritually, and may your Spirit consistently remind us to “watch out” for the tactics, the ideas, and the influences of the enemy of God. We thank you for this. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

prayers for your home individual rooms

Well, I’m going to be honest and make an admission to you right now. I have three adult children these days. So, actually, I was more intentional about praying in, or for, a particular part of our home when we had small children living there. So, now I have to think in terms of my wife and grandchildren being there. Also, for the time being, our youngest daughter and her husband, my new son-in-law are living upstairs for a few months so I still have much to pray over!

prayers for your home kitchen

Prayers For the Individual Rooms of Our Home

You can pray these next individual prayers in one of two ways. You can pray them from wherever you may be at the time. However, I think there is something special about being in that particular part of the home when you are praying the prayer over that part of the home. I guess we’re talking about a bit of a prayer walk.

This isn’t something that you should feel like you have to do to the extreme. Do it as God leads you to if this is a prayer practice that you want to use. So, if you would like, let’s take some sections of our homes and think individually about them and put some thought into individualized praying for these spaces in our homes. Let’s start where a lot of time is spent.

prayers for your home kitchen

Prayers For Your Home – The Kitchen

A lot of work, plans, and conversations happen during the course of meal preparation. Let’s say a prayer for that special and important area of our home.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you so much that you have provided us with a place to prepare meals that give us physical strength. We want to pray your special blessing over this very special part of our home. We pray that You will provide us with the food and groceries that we need and that we will prepare them as well as we can. If possible, help us share the load with each other in preparing those meals.

Also, as much as possible, let us prepare healthy meals for our family. Please bless and give us wisdom in the many conversations that take place in our kitchen. Let it be a place of love and warmth and may it bring memories that will last a lifetime and what we do in there bring you glory and honor. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

prayers for your home dining room

Prayers For Your Home – The Dining Room

Unfortunately, many times this is not necessarily the meal gathering place that it used to be in our culture. However, it still is with many families and we hope that yours is one of them. Some of the most vital and important communication that a family can have might very well come from the dining room table. You may have a combination kitchen/dining room space and the importance of the place remains the same. Let’s pray a prayer for the place where many have their meals.

Our Father, we know that in this place where we share our meals conversations will occur that are very meaningful to our family. We pray that there will be lots of love, encouragement, and Godly words spoken around our table as we share meals together. God, we ask for joy, laughter, and many great times around this table.

May it be a place where friends and family are welcomed and a place where all who join us know that You are the center of our existence. I pray that people will grow to love each other more and that they will also grow to love You more as we gather around this table. Thank you for the blessings of the meals we will share together. In Your name, Amen.

Prayers For Your Home – The Living Room

Wow, it’s hard to even imagine what has happened and what will be in store for your home’s living room. In most homes, this becomes the primary gathering place for the family and friends to hang out, socialize, play games, watch TV, and do other types of activities.

The important conversations that go on in this room will more than likely have profound implications for the lives of those living in this home. Let’s pray that God will mightily bless the conversations and activities that take place in our living rooms.

“Dear Father, as we look to the primary gathering place of our home, we can only ask for Your greatest blessings and protection on this special place and what goes on there. We ask that we do and say things that are pleasing to you, that our eyes and ears will be filled with entertainment that you would be pleased with.

We ask that we let this be a place where our family and friends can gather and share their lives with each other. Let us stay mindful to take care of this special room and may everything we do in our home’s living room reflect glory back to You. In Your name, we pray, amen.

prayers for your home - the bedrooms

Prayers For Your Home – Bedrooms

For those of us who are privileged enough to have private bedrooms, or if you shared bedrooms with others, you still need it to be your place of rest, peace, and a bit of your own sanctuary away from the noise of life, if possible.

This is also about something that is so majorly important to the health of our bodies – sleep. For anyone who has ever had any type of health condition that has interrupted your sleep, they will tell you how mandatory it is to get the sleep that we need. So as we say a prayer for our home concerning our bedrooms, let’s keep those things in mind.

Heavenly Father, thank You that I have a place to lay my head at night. Thank you that I don’t have to sleep outside exposed to the elements. You made us and designed our bodies to need sleep and rest. So, I ask that You would give us the discipline to get the amount of sleep that we need, rest as we need to, and keep our bedrooms in order so that those rooms can be a quiet place where we can retreat to our own thoughts when we need to.

Thank You that I can look forward to laying my head down on my pillow and sleeping. Please watch over us in our bedrooms as we get our needed sleep. We trust You for protection in the night. Thank You, Father. Amen.

Prayers for your home bathrooms

Prayers For Your Home – Bathrooms

Ok, bathrooms?? We’re praying for bathrooms? One might think that we’ve gotten a bit over the top with this one, but not really. Our bathroom occupies an extremely important and very unique place for our physical bodies. I’m not simply talking about the toilets. Our bathrooms are modern luxuries for which we should be thankful.

Our bathrooms are a place where, if you think about it, we take care of an incredible amount of our physical health needs. It can be a place of cleanliness, restoration, relaxation, and rejuvenation, as well as our personal grooming and hygiene.

We apply cleanliness to ourselves in our bathrooms, we take care of minor injuries to ourselves and our children in our bathrooms. We train and teach our youngsters about toiletry and hygiene in our bathrooms. We are so blessed to have what we have! So, as we pray these prayers for your home let’s definitely include the bathrooms.

Dear Lord, while others may think it silly or unnecessary to pray for bathrooms, we want to praise You for these modern conveniences. Not only do we want to give praise and thanks for them, but we want you to bless our bathrooms as we raise our children, as we teach and train them, as we teach them about cleanliness and being conscious of their personal hygiene.

May it also be a place where we can relax in the tub or the shower and, while doing so, thank you for that remarkable privilege. Let us not think that you are unconcerned about any room in the homes that you have given us. You have made us as we are and we ask you to bless our bathrooms. Thank You, Lord. Amen.”

prayers for your home laundry room

Prayers For Your Home – Laundry Room

A home’s laundry room can be a place where several people work throughout the week, however, we realize that many times it is a place of service for someone, particularly mothers, who do the task of keeping up with the laundry. To be honest, I don’t do a lot of laundry, but just as I write this I know that I should do more to help my lovely wife.

So, the laundry room can be a room where there is much aggravation and it can be a place of service to others. With so much work that happens in this room, I think we dare not leave it out of our prayer as you mentally or physically walk through the rooms of your home with prayers for your home.

Dear Lord, I know very few people who enjoy doing laundry. It’s a task that we perform more and more in this modern world. Because of the technology you’ve allowed us to enjoy, we can more quickly keep our earthly garments clean and fresh. Our prayer is that you will bless this room and in particular, the primary one(s) that do the important tasks that are done in this room from day to day, week to week.

Give them a song in their heart as they wash and dry clothes, fold, iron, and do anything other tasks that our family members do as it pertains to this room. Once again, we don’t want any room in our home to be thought of totally outside of the spiritual realm because that is where we can have true peace. Thank you for the laundry room as we live, love, and serve each other.

prayers for your home office

Prayers For Your Home Office

Now, this is a topic that we might have not explored very much even a few decades ago. However, today we have so many people who telecommute or work from home in some capacity. It’s extremely common for families to build homes with offices built in them from the start, or turn one of the bedrooms into an office.

So, this brings us to the point as to why this is a place of much importance and significance. Many people earn their living working from home. They correspond with people via phone, video chat, messaging, email, and social media. Your home office may very well be your hub to correspond with the world. There are so many reasons to cover this room with prayer.

If you don’t happen to have an office in your home, then maybe you can pray for the specific area where you might use your computer or smartphone the most often. So, let’s get right to an example of prayers for your home office.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the ability to work and make a living. I thank you for the modern conveniences of technology that allow so many people to make a living from home. We want to use the space in our home office wisely and do the work in there that must be done to the best of our ability. However, we ask that You constantly make us aware of Your presence in our work-at-home environment.

When we reach out to our colleagues with phone calls, video chats, or other online messages we asked that every word and action be sprinkled with Your love and grace so that we might be an example of Your love and kindness to the world. Bless this place of work and service and we dedicate it to You. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

prayers for your home for peace

Prayers For Your Home – A Place Of Peace

The pace of this world is more than hectic. People are argumentative, critical, unloving to each other and we have gone through quite a rough time in our world in the last few years. I believe that we should cry out for a place, a home where we find much more peaceful than the outside world. We want a place more peaceful than the workplace, more peaceful than driving our cars, a place of refuge after a long day or many long days.

I believe God can make our homes to be this way. This is such a missing piece in so many homes, here we are going to have 3 different examples of peace prayers for your home. Here they are:

Dear Lord, We just want to come to you and ask for a general sense of peacefulness in our home. Lord, there is so much turmoil in the world. When we return home from our jobs, for our schools, from our activities we want to find a place of peace in which we live. We know that You are our ultimate peace and greatest place of refuge.

We ask that our home be so bathed in Your love and peace that it makes a profound difference in the lives of those who live here and visit us. Lord, when we walk through the doors of our home each time may we realize the general sense of peace that only You can bring to our home. Thank You, Lord.

Dear God, I want to pray for peace for the emotional well-being of each person in our home. God, You are the One who gave us the ability to have emotions that are full of wonder, and we can also choose or be brought to emotions that can bring much sadness, depression, and more. We certainly don’t ask that we be kept from all bad things that can affect the way we feel.

We just ask that we rely on You and know that Your truth is greater than any emotion, whether we are feeling the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. Please help us guard what we set our minds on so that those who live in this home can have the stability and clarity of mind that only comes from You.

Father, I would like to ask for peace for those in our home in the area of our spiritual lives. We understand that You are everything to us and will provide our permanent home forever. May those in our home have a spiritual peace that is only forged in time spent with you in prayer, in study and meditation on Your word, and also in giving service to others.

Please help us go deep into Your love, accept Your Son, Jesus, and live a life with the assurance of a relationship with Him. Thank you so much for Your love. Amen.

prayers for your home basement

Prayers For Your Home – Basement

This one might or might not apply to you. If it does, here are some thoughts. I have a basement and I truly realize the importance of keeping it organized and usable. To be honest, right now there is way too much stuff down there – much of which should be thrown away. If you have a basement, I would think that we should definitely include it if we are praying for the various parts of our home.

It can be a blessing to have that extra storage, or you can finish out part or all of your basement. We did so when we had our home built. It can almost be a blessing or a curse if you let yourself use it the wrong way. It can be an organized storage place or living area or it can be a catch-all place for junk. And really, like everything else, God needs to be in on that decision.

“Dear Lord, I’m thankful that I am blessed to have a basement. I know that having this additional space is a luxury for many. Lord, I ask that you help us make wise decisions in the way that we use the space in our basement. If there is a particular way that you want us to use it, please show us.

We ask that you bless all work or activities that may be carried out in our basement and that its overall use would be pleasing to you. Help us to be good stewards of this space as the rest of the spaces in our home. We thank you again, Lord.”

Prayers For Your Home – Entrances

You want each and every entrance into your home to be welcoming. Certainly, you will want the primary entrance to visitors to feel as welcoming as possible. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but hopefully warm and inviting to guests. I think that it’s good to include these entranceways in the prayers for your home. Simply ask God for His blessings as people come and go through those entrances.

“Dear Lord, We ask Your blessings on each and every entrance into our home. For Doors, porches, foyers, garages, or any pathway from the outside into our home, we pray that people will sense that this is a home whose occupants are people who recognize the value of Christian character and trust in You. We pray that guests in our home will feel welcomed as they come in.

If for any reason, someone tries to enter our home who doesn’t belong there, we pray that you would protect those entrances with your power. May your Holy Spirit watch over us in every way. In Your name, Amen.”

I hope that these prayers for your home have been a helpful page for you. It’s my prayer that you will be encouraged by praying some of these prayers as is, or changing them to fit your needs.

I wish you the very best and ask God to bless the home of anyone who may land on this page and prayer these prayers. I encourage you to submit your lives, your homes, and your families to the lordship of Jesus Christ who lives today and can provide all of our needs in life.

For additional ideas about prayers for your home, check out this fine article at JustDisciple.com.

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