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The season of Advent is a time that is so special to me and most of those around me. You may be in a very liturgical setting or in a church setting that isn’t so much. However, we want to put together messages for our congregations and small groups that pull back the layers of the Christmas season and let us focus on the Christ Child. So, here are some Advent sermon ideas for this upcoming season.

Here are 21 Advent sermon ideas that might (or might not) be useful to you. They are not in any order of importance and are simply here for you to grab a few ideas here and there if they can be helpful in any way.

21 Advent Sermon Ideas

1. Deeper Reflections on the Christmas Season

  • The anticipation of Christ’s birth:
    • The Advent season is characterized by a deep-rooted hope and eagerness for Christ’s arrival.
  • The liturgical significance of the Advent season:
    • Advent rituals and practices serve as spiritual markers, guiding believers toward Christmas.
  • Memories and traditions from last year and hopes for the coming Christmas:
    • Past Yuletide memories blend with current aspirations, enriching the festive spirit.
  • The church’s role in guiding believers during this time:
    • Congregations anchor believers, leading them toward the profound essence of Christmas.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Isaiah 9:6, Luke 1:26-38, Romans 15:13

2. Jesus Christ: The Heart of the Christmas Story

  • The prophecy and birth of Jesus:
    • Christ’s arrival, foretold by prophecies, marks a divine plan unfolding in history.
  • Exploring Jesus’ lineage from the Old Testament:
    • Tracing Jesus’ roots reveals His deep connection to significant biblical patriarchs and promises.
  • Reflections on Christ’s humility in His birth setting:
    • The simplicity of Christ’s birth setting unveils a powerful message of divine humility.
  • The global impact of the birth of Jesus:
    • The nativity isn’t just a biblical event; it alters the spiritual trajectory of the world.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Micah 5:2, Matthew 1:1-17, Luke 2:1-20

Let’s continue with our Advent sermon ideas as we embrace the good news of hope and redemption.

3. Embracing the Good News: Messages of Hope and Redemption

  • Unpacking the angel’s message to the shepherds:
    • The angel’s proclamation radiates a message of universal joy and divine promise.
  • The significance of the star in leading the wise men:
    • The celestial beacon not only guides the magi but symbolizes divine navigation for all seekers.
  • Understanding redemption through Jesus Christ:
    • Through Christ’s advent, humanity is offered a transformative path to divine reconciliation.
  • The role of church leaders in disseminating the good news:
    • Spiritual leaders play a pivotal role in amplifying the message of redemption and hope.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Luke 2:8-14, Matthew 2:1-12, 1 Timothy 1:15-17

4. Wise Men and Their Journey of Faith

Advent sermon ideas
  • The symbolism behind the gifts of the wise men:
    • The gifts of the magi carry deep symbolic meanings, pointing to Christ’s royalty, divinity, and sacrificial death.
  • How their journey represents our own spiritual paths:
    • The magi’s pursuit mirrors our own quest for divine truth and enlightenment in faith.
  • The Christmas star as a sign of hope and direction:
    • This celestial sign symbolizes God’s guidance and the illuminating path to salvation.
  • Lessons on persistence, faith, and worship:
    • The magi teach the value of relentless faith, heartfelt worship, and spiritual dedication.
  • Understanding the significance of seeking the true King:
    • Their search emphasizes the importance of seeking Christ as the ultimate source of truth and salvation.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Matthew 2:1-2, Matthew 2:10-11, Psalm 72:10

5. The Songs of Christmas: Deepening our Faith Through the Carols

  • The history and theology of “O Come Emmanuel”:
    • This carol, steeped in history, echoes Israel’s longing for the Messiah and our yearning for Christ’s return.
  • Charles Wesley and the message of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”:
    • Wesley’s hymn captures the jubilation of Christ’s birth and the theological depth of the incarnation.
  • Reflecting on the solemnity of “Silent Night”:
    • This serene carol invites reflection on the holy, tranquil night of Jesus’ birth.
  • How Christmas songs enhance our spiritual journey:
    • Carols fortify our faith, weaving theology and history into melodies that resonate with our souls.
  • Rediscovering the stories behind our favorite Christmas carols:
    • Each carol carries a tale, deepening our appreciation and spiritual connection to the songs we cherish.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Luke 1:46-55 (Mary’s Song), Luke 2:13-14, Psalm 96:1

Here are some additional Advent sermon ideas that we hope are useful to you!

6. The Role of Church Leaders During Advent

  • Guiding the congregation in reflection and anticipation:
    • Leaders shepherd their flock, fostering spiritual introspection and hopeful anticipation during Advent.
  • Emphasizing the “good news” of Jesus’ birth:
    • Pastors highlight the transformative message of hope and salvation through Christ’s nativity.
  • Building a sense of community and unity in Christ:
    • Spiritual leaders foster communion among believers, emphasizing unity in Christ’s love.
  • Preparing meaningful Christmas messages:
    • Through thoughtful preparation, leaders craft sermons that resonate and enlighten during the Christmas season.
  • How to innovate and relate age-old stories to today’s world:
    • Leaders bridge biblical tales to contemporary contexts, making age-old narratives relevant and relatable.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: 1 Peter 5:2-4, Hebrews 13:17, Acts 20:28
Advent sermon ideas 2

7. From Black Friday to Bright Star: Refocusing on the Spiritual

  • Addressing materialism during the holiday season:
    • The Christmas season challenges believers to prioritize spiritual riches over material wealth.
  • The challenge and reward of putting Christ first:
    • Prioritizing Jesus amidst commercial chaos brings profound peace and fulfillment.
  • The allure of new toys versus the eternal joy of Jesus’ love:
    • Temporary pleasures pale in comparison to the everlasting love and joy found in Christ.
  • Reflecting on the gifts given by God, not just those under the Christmas tree:
    • Beyond material gifts, God’s intangible blessings offer the most profound joys.
  • The need to recenter during the busiest time of year:
    • Amidst the holiday hustle, a spiritual recentering anchors us to Christ’s essence.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Matthew 6:19-21, Luke 12:15, 1 Timothy 6:10

8. Embracing the Advent Season: More Than Just a Countdown

  • Recognizing Advent as a time of spiritual growth and commitment:
    • Advent is a sacred span, beckoning deeper faith and renewed dedication.
  • The symbols and rituals that mark this sacred season:
    • Advent’s rites and symbols richly express Christianity’s anticipatory spirit.
  • How the early church cherished this time of year:
    • The early believers deeply revered Advent, embedding its significance in tradition.
  • The connection between advent and the sense of anticipation for Christ’s second advents:
    • Advent not only commemorates Jesus’ birth but also his awaited return.
  • The significance of the revised common lectionary in guiding worship:
    • This lectionary steers worship, linking scripture to the season’s spiritual themes.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Isaiah 40:3, Luke 3:4-6, 2 Peter 3:12-13

9. Celebrating the Prophets: From Isaiah to the Eyes of Joseph

  • The importance of Old Testament prophecies in the Christmas story:
    • Ancient prophecies intricately weave into the nativity, foretelling Christ’s arrival.
  • How Joseph’s faith and trust mirrored the hope of many:
    • Joseph embodies anticipatory hope, reflecting the faith of countless believers.
  • Understanding Jesus as both the Son of God and a fulfillment of prophecy:
    • Jesus stands as divine and also as the realization of long-foretold promises.
  • The role of prophets in preparing the way of the Lord:
    • Prophets played pivotal roles, heralding and setting the stage for Christ’s advent.
  • The assurance and hope embedded in prophecies for people of God:
    • Prophecies offer God’s people solace, promising salvation and divine care.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:22-23, Micah 5:2

10. Christmas Eve: A Reflection on Humble Beginnings

  • The world on the night of Jesus’ birth:
    • Amidst prevailing darkness, Earth stood on the cusp of divine intervention.
  • The juxtaposition of the King of the universe born in a manger:
    • The cosmic King chose the humblest entrance, redefining grandeur.
  • Lessons on humility, providence, and divine intervention:
    • Christ’s birth offers teachings on modesty, God’s plan, and heavenly interplay.
  • How Christmas Eve sets the tone for Christmas day celebrations:
    • Eve’s sanctity lays the foundation for the jubilation of Christmas day.
  • Recognizing the eternal impact of that holy night:
    • The events of that night resonate eternally, shaping salvation’s story.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Luke 2:6-7, Isaiah 1:3, John 1:10-11

Joy is an important topic when we look for Advent sermon ideas so here is one that might be helpful=

11. Rediscovering Joy: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  • The true source of joy during the Christmas season:
    • Amidst festivities, the birth of Jesus remains the pure fount of joy.
  • Addressing the contrast between worldly pleasures and divine happiness:
    • Earthly delights pale when juxtaposed with the happiness derived from divine love.
  • Reflections on the first Sunday of Advent, kindling great joy:
    • The advent’s onset ignites a joy rooted in Christ’s imminent celebration.
  • How Christmas can be a starting point for a life filled with happiness:
    • The season provides an impetus for a life centered on Christ’s joy.
  • Encouraging the congregation to find joy in the little things and see the main thing:
    • Believers are urged to savor small blessings while focusing on Christ’s overarching significance.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Nehemiah 8:10, Luke 2:10, Psalm 126:2-3

12. Lighting the Path: From Christmas Lights to the Light of the World

Advent sermon ideas - lights
  • The symbolism of lights during Advent and Christmas time:
    • Lights symbolize hope, mirroring Christ’s role as our luminary beacon.
  • How Jesus serves as the light that shines in darkness:
    • In the murkiest corners, Jesus emerges as the radiant torch, dispelling gloom.
  • Understanding the concept of light in scripture and its implications for believers:
    • Scripture’s portrayal of light beckons believers to reflect and embody Christ’s radiance.
  • Encouraging believers to be a light in the entire world today:
    • Followers of Christ are called to illuminate the world with his teachings and love.
  • The significance of Christ’s birth as the light that overcame the land of deep darkness:
    • Jesus’ advent marked the dawn that ended a profound spiritual night.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: John 8:12, Isaiah 9:2, Matthew 5:14

13. From Mary’s Song to Modern Worship: Celebrating God’s Greatness

  • The theology and significance of Mary’s song:
    • Mary’s lyrical praise encapsulates divine acknowledgment and theological depth.
  • Mary’s praise is an example of unwavering faith and trust:
    • Her song stands testament to unshakable faith amidst uncertainty.
  • Encouraging the church to sing their own song of praise:
    • Believers are urged to voice their unique hymns of gratitude and acknowledgment.
  • Recognizing the great things God has done throughout history and in personal lives:
    • A call to remember and honor God’s enduring works across epochs and individual experiences.
  • Reflecting on the holiday season as a time of thanksgiving and worship:
    • The festive period is marked as an opportune moment for gratitude and devout adoration.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Luke 1:46-49, Psalm 98:1, Ephesians 5:19-20

14. A Look Back: Connecting Last Year to the Current Advent Series

  • Recognizing God’s faithfulness throughout seasons:
    • An acknowledgment of God’s unwavering presence through various life chapters.
  • Encouraging reflection on personal spiritual growth since last Christmas:
    • The congregation is urged to introspect on their spiritual evolution over the past year.
  • How events from last year can be a catalyst for spiritual recommitment:
    • Past occurrences serve as motivators for renewed spiritual dedication.
  • Lessons learned and the journey ahead:
    • A nod to bygone teachings and a forward glance toward future spiritual treks.
  • Embracing change while holding onto timeless truths:
    • Balancing the embrace of novelty with the preservation of ageless spiritual verities.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Ecclesiastes 3:1, James 4:14, Philippians 3:13-14

I think that looking into the secondary characters or images of Christmas can be great as we look at Advent sermon ideas. So, don’t forget those!

15. Characters of Christmas: Beyond Mary, Joseph, and the Wise Men

  • Characters of Christmas: Beyond Mary, Joseph, and the Wise Men
    • Delving into lesser-discussed figures in the Christmas story:
      • A dive into the unsung characters enriches the nativity narrative.
    • Lessons from the shepherds: the first witnesses to Christ’s birth:
      • The humble shepherds, Christ’s primal witnesses, teach about divine revelations to the modest.
    • The role of Anna and Simeon: exemplifying patience and faith:
      • Anna and Simeon underscore the virtues of patience and unwavering faith.
    • The innkeeper: lessons on hospitality and making room for Christ:
      • Through the innkeeper’s narrative, lessons on openness and Christ-centric room-making unfold.
    • Reflections on Herod and the challenge of earthly powers versus heavenly kingdoms:
      • Herod’s account prompts contemplation on the tussle between worldly dominions and God’s reign.
    • Possible scripture passages to use: Luke 2:8-20, Luke 2:25-38, Matthew 2:1-16

When we look for Advent sermon topics, let’s not forget that we have the option to speak of the second coming of Lord also!

16. The Second Coming: Advent as a Reminder of Christ’s Promised Return

  • The Second Coming: Advent as a Reminder of Christ’s Promised Return
    • Understanding Advent not just as a look back, but also a look forward:
      • Advent symbolizes both reflection on Christ’s birth and anticipation of His return.
    • The parallels between the first and second advents of Christ:
      • Christ’s birth and eventual return showcase mirrored divine interventions.
    • How the birth of Jesus sets the stage for His eventual return:
      • Jesus’ nativity foretells the stage for His grander second advent.
    • Living in the light of His return: a life of preparedness and hope:
      • Encouraging lives that are primed for Christ’s return and anchored in hope.
    • The joyous anticipation of the eternal kingdom:
      • The faithful await, with joy, the inception of the everlasting kingdom.
    • Possible scripture passages to use: Matthew 24:30-31, Acts 1:10-11, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

17. The World Today: Embracing the Christmas Spirit in Challenging Times

  • Navigating the challenges of the world with the hope of Christ:
    • Steering through modern tribulations with Christ’s hope as the compass.
  • Lessons from the Christmas story for modern challenges:
    • The nativity narrative offers guidance for confronting contemporary issues.
  • Addressing commercialism, from Black Friday to Christmas cards:
    • A call to discern the spiritual from the commercial during festive times.
  • Finding solace in the true meaning of Christmas amidst world strife:
    • Amidst global turmoil, the genuine essence of Christmas provides respite.
  • Spreading good news and great joy in our communities:
    • Encouraging believers to propagate joy and divine tidings in their surroundings.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: John 16:33, Matthew 5:14-16, Romans 12:2

18. Music and Memory: The Power of Christmas Songs in Worship

Advent sermon ideas - Christmas carols
  • The role of carols in telling the Christmas story, from “O Come Emmanuel” to “Silent Night”:
    • Carols narrate the nativity tale, linking age-old traditions to modern worship.
  • How music shapes our sense of anticipation during the season of Advent:
    • Music amplifies the Advent’s sense of eager expectation.
  • Charles Wesley, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and the theology of Christmas songs:
    • Celebrating the theological richness in carols, as epitomized by Wesley’s contributions.
  • Incorporating songs into Christmas messages for richer worship experiences:
    • Songs enhance the Christmas discourse, enriching the worship ambiance.
  • The importance of music as a universal language of the holiday season:
    • Music, as a global tongue, bridges hearts during the Christmas season.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16, Psalm 95:1-2

19. Celebrating Traditions: From the Advent Wreath to the Christmas Tree

  • The history and significance of the Advent wreath in marking the progression towards Christ’s birth:
    • The Advent wreath chronicles the march towards the Savior’s nativity.
  • Understanding the symbolism behind Christmas tree decorations:
    • Delving into the deeper meanings of festive tree adornments.
  • How traditions, even those like Santa Claus, can be tied back to the season’s spiritual significance:
    • Integrating even secular traditions into the spiritual fabric of Christmas.
  • Reinventing traditions to make Christ the center:
    • Refashioning customs to spotlight Christ’s paramount importance.
  • Encouraging families to create new traditions that highlight the story of God:
    • Inspiring families to forge traditions rooted in God’s narrative.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Jeremiah 10:1-5, Isaiah 60:13, Titus 2:13-14

20. The Word ‘Advent’: More than Just a Name

  • Understanding ‘Advent’ as the Latin word for ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’:
    • Unraveling ‘Advent’ as the herald of the divine ‘arrival’.
  • Reflecting on the advent of God’s promise in human history:
    • Meditating on the pivotal moments when God’s promises unfurled in history.
  • The church’s call to announce the coming King, Jesus:
    • The ecclesiastical duty to trumpet Jesus’ imminent kingship.
  • Emphasizing the importance of the Advent season as a time for both reflection and anticipation:
    • Advent: A sacred period for introspection and eager expectation.
  • The significance of the season in relation to the entire liturgical calendar:
    • Advent’s distinct position within the broader liturgical timeline.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Malachi 3:1, Romans 13:11-12, Luke 1:76-78

21. The Joy and Mystery: Embracing the Strange Things of the Christmas Story

  • The virgin birth, the guiding star, the unexpected visitors: embracing the miraculous:
    • Celebrating the miraculous facets of the nativity narrative.
  • Encouraging believers to approach the Christmas story with wonder:
    • Inviting the faithful to perceive the nativity with childlike awe.
  • Finding comfort in the “strange things” God has done for the love of humanity:
    • Deriving solace from the unorthodox yet profound acts of divine love.
  • Acknowledging that God’s ways, while mysterious, are always good:
    • Affirming the benevolence embedded in God’s enigmatic actions.
  • Concluding the Advent season with a renewed sense of awe and commitment:
    • Ending Advent with a rejuvenated spirit of reverence and devotion.
  • Possible scripture passages to use: Isaiah 55:8-9, Luke 1:34-35, Matthew 2:9-10

Concluding Thoughts

In the midst of the Christmas season, pastors and teachers stand at a crossroads of profound opportunity. As they search for advent sermon ideas, they are presented with the chance to guide their congregations back to the core of the holiday: the birth of the Christ child.

This pivotal event, foundational to the Christian narrative, is more than just the story of a newborn; it signifies a divine intervention filled with hope, peace, and the message of salvation.

It brings to light God’s incredible choice to be part of our earthly journey, starting as a vulnerable baby. Born amidst simplicity, this child was destined to alter the trajectory of humanity. It’s a tale of God’s immense love and the miraculous ways He interacts with the mundane.

For our wonderful pastors and teachers who are looking for advent sermon ideas, it is more than just a quest for content; it’s a journey into the very heart of the Gospel. As they mold their messages, it’s vital to look past the festivities and reconnect with the profound truths of Jesus’ birth.

By highlighting the Christ child and the deep spiritual awakening His birth signifies, they can rekindle a sense of amazement and gratitude within their listeners. This Christmas, let’s pivot our attention to the humble beginnings in Bethlehem and, in doing so, embrace the transformative essence of His love that continues to shape our lives.

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