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I had heard about Logos Bible Software for many years. However, it was only about a year ago that I actually purchased the Logos software. I haven’t regretted it one bit. In terms of Bible study, it’s one of the most valuable resources that I could imagine. It is, without a doubt,  the best Bible study resource that I have ever owned.

So, I want to give you my thoughts and a bit of a Logos Bible Software Review. I’m going to give you my first impressions, and I will update this post as I continue to learn more about Logos. 

The Logos digital platform promises to revolutionize your Bible study experience. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all of the study resources available, or if you simply need a more organized and efficient way to study God’s Word, Logos might just be the solution you need. 

logos bible software review

Whether you’re a pastor, teacher, seminary student, part of a small group, study, or simply someone who exploring the wonders of the Bible, Logos has a host of features designed to enrich your study.

With new features added on a continual basis, a robust digital library, and even a mobile app for on-the-go learning, Logos can open up the world of Bible study in a way that brings freshness and enjoyment to your Bible study process.

With the Holy Spirit, the word of God, and Logos Bible Study Software you are set up to dive into the world of scripture in a more in-depth way than you ever have before. 

Logos Bible Software Review First Impressions

When I first downloaded Logos Bible Software, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We all know that various types of software can come with a steep learning curve. However, Logos isn’t bad at all, I was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the initial setup was.

From the moment you install it, you’re guided through a series of easy-to-follow steps that make the whole process feel intuitive. However, this is where I think I dropped the ball a bit,

I went through just enough of the simple video training to get around the software and then jumped into the content resources. Then later on I found myself going back to find features that I had skipped in the initial training, and I felt like that held back my progress in learning the software features.

logos bible software review banner

If I were doing it again, I would try to finish the training videos thoroughly before launching into very much study. I believe that in the long run that would have been much better and saved me a lot of time as I used the software in the future.

The first thing that caught my attention was the integration of Logos’ digital library with any existing library of resources you may already own. If you have an array of digital books, sermons, and biblical texts, you’ll appreciate how seamlessly everything can be imported.

Your entire library—be it digital or print books you’ve converted—becomes accessible within the Logos interface. This is a significant advantage over keeping physical books or using multiple apps and platforms for different resources.

Key Features of Logos

New Features in the Latest Version

A great plus about Logos is that it’s software that can constantly change and update with the technology of the day. It can stand up and meet the growing demands of ministers, students, and Bible study enthusiasts, or just the person who wants to dig deeper into their small group or Sunday school passage of scripture.  

The latest version of Logos, version 10 brings a great amount of exciting new and helpful features including improved search algorithms and better linking with your various resources. Version 10 seeks to make a more seamless Bible study process.

Although the Bible is wonderful, it is challenging in places and if we can have use of technology that helps us study and learn scripture in a more efficient and faster way, then we are better for it. That is what Logos 10 brings to the table.  From original language tools to modern commentaries and theological libraries, there’s a package tailored to meet your specific needs.

Digital Library vs. Print Library

Yes, undoubtedly a print library has its charms,  you can’t match the speed at which you can get to the exact resource that you need with the incredible speed of the Logos platform and the way the content is synced together with an easy search.

A print library has its charms, but the digital library in Logos offers several advantages. Not only can you carry your entire library wherever you go, but each resource is also searchable, linkable, and taggable. This means your digital library is not just a collection but an interconnected web of resources that enriches your study and understanding of the Bible.

Base Packages

One of the things that the Logos team has done is make the 9 various packages. From original language tools to modern commentaries and theological libraries, there’s a package tailored to meet your specific needs. These packages start at the Logos 10 Fundamentals Package which starts literally in the $50 range all the way up to the Logos 10 Collector’s edition which is over $10k.

Remember, that as we are discussing the base packages below in this article, each can be customized for your faith tradition – Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, etc. See those choices at the end of the article.

We will take a quick look at these packages but I think you will see that unless someone is deeply into theology and teaching, most people will not need the packages that go up into the thousands of dollars. However, if you are in the ministry and Bible teaching and sermon prep is something that is a huge part of your ministry, then one of the medium to higher-priced packages may be something to look at.

You can start with an inexpensive level package and then buy individual commentaries and books as you need them and add them to your Logos library or you can upgrade to a higher package as the need arises for you.

And, for those who think they need to go ahead and invest in the larger and very robust Logos packages but can’t swing the cost all at once, they provide financing for virtually all of the packages. 

logos Bible software review banner 2

The practicality of owning a Logos software package can hardly be oversold. When a software suite saves you incredible time, and a substantial amount of money, and puts a massive library of biblical content in your hands. The software is designed to be a one-stop shop for all your theological needs. Plus, you aren’t tied to your office or library and can work where you want to work. If you want to spend the morning or afternoon at the local coffee shop reading and studying, so be it. 

It’s quite incredible in its efficiency in locating specific Bible verses, key theological concepts, or even notes you’ve taken during previous study sessions. But it’s not just about comprehensive research; the platform is also a lifesaver for anyone involved in sermon preparation.

With tools like the Sermon Editor and Sermon Manager, Logos streamlines the often time-consuming process of crafting and organizing sermons. It will exponentially allow you more time to spend more time focusing on prayer and the delivery of God’s word.

Plus, with the mobile app, it even opens up more study time when you are away from your desk or laptop Logos is a powerful tool that brings an unprecedented level of utility and efficiency to Bible study and sermon preparation.

The Logos App

For Bible study on the go, the Logos Bible app is quite a game-changer. This app is quite an efficient study tool in its own right. With the app, you have access to your digital library, including Bible translations, commentaries, and even your personal notes. This makes it ideal for those moments when you find yourself away from your primary study area but still want to dig into Scripture. 

Anywhere you have a few minutes you can jump in and continue with your study and Logos will help you make the most of your time.

You can perform complex searches, look up original language tools, and even access the Sermon Editor for last-minute preparations. The interface is intuitively designed for use on a smaller screen without sacrificing the functionality of the Logos platform functionality. It is a great complement to the desktop version and makes your study seamless in a way that will fit your lifestyle.

studying with logos Bible study review

Search Feature

Should you choose one of the Logos Bible study packages you will find that one of the most powerful tools it has is its search feature. I find it incredibly helpful when I am researching a Bible topic, principle, or just a particular passage of scripture.

Type in your key words and it will open up a world of opportunities to delve into your topic with the logos library and the features that are available with which to study and navigate the commentaries, dictionaries, books, and resources from

The algorithm is designed to scan not only the Bible but also every resource in your library, providing you with comprehensive results. Whether you’re looking for a specific Bible passage, theological concept, or even a keyword in your personal notes, Logos’ search tool makes finding it remarkably efficient.

Sermon Editor and Sermon Manager

For ministers and pastors, the Sermon Editor and Sermon Manager tools are invaluable. These features assist in sermon preparation by allowing you to integrate biblical texts, create slides for presentations, and even manage your sermon calendar. This way, you can focus more on delivering God’s word and less on administrative tasks.

logos Bible study software review

1. Logos 10 Fundamentals

The Fundamentals package includes a Library of 28+ digital books. This includes the CSB Study Bible and notes. It also comes with The New Bible Commentary (NBC), The New Manners and Customs of the Bible, and the Holman Bible Atlas which is a complete guide to the geography of biblical history – which is fascinating. It features the Logos 10 Fundamentals Feature Set.

  • The features in this package include the Questions and Answers Dataset, the Factbook Visual Filter, the Biblical Topic Study workflow, and the Basic Bible Study Workflow. Not bad for a starter package!

Confused about Logos features? Check out this page for the many features of the Logos packages

2. Logos 10 Starter

The Logs 10 Starter package is quite a good place to begin. This package is complete with 60+ digital books in the library including The IVP Bible Background Commentary (2 vols.), It has the Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia, the IVP Bible Background Commentary, the How to Read Series (6 vols.), and the Peoples of the New Testament World: An Illustrated Guide just for starters.

  • This package adds the Logos 10 Starter Feature Upgrade. That includes Church History Themes, the Prayers in the Bible dataset, the Question and Answers Dataset, Ridley Rosner’s Regular Reading Routine Workflow, Charts Tool, Courses Tool, Reading Plans, reverse interlinears, and additional Logos 10 features. This is a lot of books and tools and a great entry point that is normally in a budget range that is affordable.

3. Logos 10 Bronze

bronze logos bible software review

Now we step it up to the Logos 10 bronze which has a library of 150+ digital books that includes the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, Reading the Bible Today (25 volumes!), The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, and more. 

  • Some of the great features in this package are the Logos 10 Bronze Feature Upgrade, which includes Advanced Timeline, the Lexham Context Commentary, the popular Read Aloud feature, the Bible Sense Lexicon, Topical Sermon Preparation, the All the Battles in the Bible Dataset, and certainly all of the features that are in the Starter Feature Upgrade. It’s quite an extensive package. You can check out the Logos 10 Bronze in more detail here.

“The great thing about Logos is that you can get started on any budget!”

4. Logos 10 Silver

logos Bible software review

Now to the Logos 10 Silver package in which you really start to get some more bible study horsepower. Included in the library in this package are 280+ digital books, including the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised, the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary Series Collection | CCE (34 vols.), the Carta Biblical Background Collection (9 vols.), The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised, the Spectrum Multiview Book Series (27 vols.), and more.

  • In terms of the features in this package, you will find the Logos 10 Silver Feature Upgrade, including Quotations Sidebar, Sermon Document Import, Bible Books Explorer, The Essential Lexham Dictionary of Church History, the Sermon Manager, Counseling Guide, Preaching Mode, the Theology Guide, other Logos 10 features, plus every feature found in the Bronze Feature Upgrade. There is currently a good price on this package that you can find here for Logos 10 Silver.

5. Logos 10 Gold

Okay now, moving to the Logos 10 Gold package we really start to get into a major amount of theological material. If you are in need of some deeper study you can really find help in the Gold package. You will find a whopping 640+ digital books in this one. They include the Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine (which is 5 volumes), the Osborne New Testament Commentaries (with 12 volumes), the Themelios Journal Collection, and the Wiley Blackwell Bible Commentaries | WBBC: Old and New Testament (with a total of 22 volumes.) and more! 

  • Features in Logos 10 Gold are many. They include the Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade, including Auto Translation, Haddon Robbinson’s Expository Sermons Workflow, 20+ Reverse Interlinears, Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible and Dataset, Source Criticism Dataset, Semantic Roles and Case Frames, Factbook manuscript resources, other Logos 10 features, plus all of the features in the Silver Feature Upgrade. Check out the link to explore more details about Logos 10 Gold.

6. Logos 10 Platinum

Well, the Logos 10 Platinum package definitely steps up the information base in quite a large way. We are talking about a lot of study materials here. This library includes 1100+ digital books including the robust Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament | EGGNT (12 vols.), The New American Commentary Series | NAC (that includes 43 volumes.) Pillar New Testament Commentary | PNTC (15 vols.), the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Complete Set, Updated Edition | ACCS (29 vols.), and more. It is a huge library that could provide for so many of your study needs!

  • In terms of the features of the Platinum package, you will find the Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade, including Auto Translation,  \Haddon Robbinson’s Expository Sermons Workflow. the Print Library Catalog, 20+ Reverse Interlinears, Semantic Roles and Case Frames, Source Criticism Dataset, Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible and Dataset, Factbook manuscript resources, other Logos 10 features, and all the features in the Silver Feature Upgrade. Find out more about the Logos Platinum package here.

7. Logos 10 Diamond

Hold onto your seats because, with the Logos 10 Diamond package, you are really taking a leap into a large library of top-tier theological works that will allow you to dive extremely deep into so many theological topics. Whereas the Platinum plan has 1100+ digital books, the Diamond package boasts 3140+ digital books! Just a sample of these include the 76 volumes of the Bible Speaks Today: Commentaries and Themes). It has the New Studies in Biblical Theology Series Collection | NSBT (53 vols.), the Preacher’s Commentary Series (35 vols.), The New International Greek Testament Commentary Series | NIGTC (13 vols.), and more.

  • The numerous features of this package give an incredible palette of Logos resources. These features include the Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade, including Auto Translation, Haddon Robbinson’s Expository Sermons Workflow, Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible and Dataset, Print Library Catalog, 20+ Reverse Interlinears,  Semantic Roles and Case Frames, Source Criticism Dataset, Factbook manuscript resources, other Logos 10 features. This package will also include everything in the Silver Feature Upgrade. Find out more about the Logos 10 Diamond package.

8. Logos 10 Portfolio

Designed for Seminary professors, seminary students, pastors, and any others who have a great need for a wealth of in-depth study into the word of God, the Logos 10 Portfolio is a great way to do it.

The content library in this massive package consists of 4230+ digital books including The Fathers of the Church (139 vols.), Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary | SHBC (36 vols.), Old and New Testament (39 vols). It also includes (The Complete Biblical Library | CBL),  Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) (13 vols.), and more.

  • The features of this powerful package include the Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade including Auto Translation, Haddon Robbinson’s Expository Sermons Workflow, Print Library Catalog, 20+ Reverse Interlinears, Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible and Dataset, Clause Participants Guide Section, Semantic Roles and Case Frames, Source Criticism Dataset, Factbook manuscript resources, other Logos 10 features. Of course, it includes all of the great features in the Silver Feature Upgrade. Check out the Logos 10 Portfolio.

9. Logos 10 Collector’s Edition

Okay, here we are at the top of the Logos Bible Software mountain, the Logos 10 Collector’s Edition. Designed for the serious seminary professor, seminary students, and Pastors in need of a very, very deep theological library, this is truly a mountain of biblical study resources. The amount and quality of content in this library are nothing short of spectacular for those who choose this top-of-the-mountain option.

It is an incredible volume of content with a library of over 8150 digital books. Just a sampling of these include Eerdman’s Ultimate Collection (1,194 Resources), the Definitive Church Fathers Collection (626 Resources), InterVarsity Press Academic Research Collection (763 Resources), and the Wipf and Stock Ultimate Collection (656 Resources).

  • The features in the Collector’s edition include the Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade including Auto Translation, Print Library Catalog, Clause Participants Guide Section 20+ Reverse Interlinears, Haddon Robbinson’s Expository Sermons Workflow, the Semantic Roles and Case Frames, Source Criticism Dataset,, Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible and Dataset, and other Logos 10 features. It does include all of the features in the Silver Feature Upgrade. Check out this once-in-a-lifetime purchase that could revolutionize your study. The Logos 10 Collector’s Edition is quite amazing.

Logos Bible Software Review: Additional Resources and Free Books

I was pleasantly surprised that as I shopped these Logos packages I found that each base package was offered with various free books and additional resources. The Logos folks frequently have a variety of complimentary books that they will offer.

These might be classic commentaries or modern theological works, but they are icing on top of the cake. Also, Logos also regularly updates its library, offering new resources that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing collection.

Whether it’s a newly released Bible translation, an in-depth commentary series, or topical studies on current issues, you’ll find that your base package continues to expand and evolve over time, and it will provide greater and greater value as you continue to use Logos.

Various Theological Traditions

No Logos bible Software review would be complete if we didn’t talk about the Various Theological traditions that can be studied in Logos. We haven’t really covered very much the fact that Logos innovators realize that we are not all on the same Theological Path.

Although we strive to keep the death, resurrection, and life of our Lord Jesus at the center, Logos provides various pathways in their packages for almost every major Christian theological position.

Personally, several of these traditions are not out of my personal theological belief systems. However, these are some of the faith traditions in which Logos can provide you with a package. Let’s dive into a few:

  • Anglican: If you have a soft spot for the Book of Common Prayer or are drawn to the rhythms of Anglican worship, Logos has you covered. There’s a whole range of resources that feel like they were handpicked just for the Anglican heart.
  • Baptist: I grew up as a Baptist and have that tradition as my heritage. For all my Baptist friends out there, Logos has you covered. Whether you’re craving insights from historical Baptist figures or deep dives into Baptist beliefs, there’s a goldmine waiting.
  • Lutheran: Lutheranism has such a rich tapestry of teachings and traditions. Whether you’re keen on Martin Luther’s writings or the beauty of Lutheran hymns, there’s a package designed with you in mind.
  • Messianic Jewish: This is such a unique blend of Jewish and Christian traditions, and guess what? Logos has a curated selection that perfectly captures its essence.
  • Methodist & Wesleyan: If you’ve ever felt the warmth of Methodist hymns or been inspired by Wesleyan teachings, you’ll find resources that resonate deeply.
  • Orthodox: The timeless beauty of Orthodox tradition is unmatched. Dive into centuries-old liturgies, prayers, and teachings that connect you with the ancient church.
  • Pentecostal & Charismatic: Feel the fire? Logos has resources that match the energy and spirit-filled teachings of the Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions.
  • Reformed: For those who love diving into the richness of Reformed theology and its profound teachings, Logos has a treasure trove waiting for you.
  • SDA: For Seventh-Day Adventists- Discover resources that delve into the unique beliefs and teachings of the SDA church.
  • Catholic: From the early church leaders to the rituals and teachings that have been passed down through time, Logos has crafted a package that feels like home to any Catholic believer.
  • Academic: And if you’re in seminary, a professor, a deep teaching pastor, or someone who loves diving deep, dissecting, and discussing, there’s an academic package that’s perfect for those scholarly pursuits.

Honestly, it feels like Logos has wrapped up gifts tailored for every believer. No matter where you are on your faith journey, there’s a package that feels like it’s calling your name. And that, to me, is what makes Logos stand out in the crowd.

Conclusion: Why Choose Logos?

If you’ve made it this far in my review, you’ll understand why Logos Bible Software is a quite groundbreaking tool for those who wish to enrich their understanding of the Bible. Logos has offerings that cater to your specific needs. The software isn’t just about facilitating study; it’s about transforming the way you engage with God’s Word.

Some Reasons to Choose Logos Bible Software:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Even for beginners, Logos is easy to navigate.
  • Customizable Packages: Choose a base package and add resources as you go.
  • Robust Digital Library: Access thousands of resources within a single platform.
  • Cutting-edge Search Feature: Speeds up research and sermon preparation.
  • Mobile App: Study on-the-go and never lose touch with your resources.
  • Seamless Integration: Combine Logos’ library with your existing digital resources.
  • Regular Updates: Benefit from new features and resources that are frequently added.

In summary, in this Logos Bible Software review, we find that it is more than just another study aid; it’s quite an ecosystem designed to give us a deeper, more enriched interaction with the Bible. I love the software and I think you would too. Logos proves itself to be a great partner in my study as I seek God and His word. I would encourage you to choose a package and make the investment today and transform your Bible study experience!

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